• Nick Sorrentino

Trump sitting on a trump card? Threatens to declassify ‘devastating’ docs about Dems

He was going to do it before but it looks like he held back for strategic reasons. Trump is threatening a trump card.

We've watched the Mueller investigation and the ongoing anti-Trump efforts pretty much tick by tick and with great interest. It is the opinion of your editor that something seems to have happened within the Obama White House/wreckage of the Clinton 2016 campaign. There seems to have been a coordinated effort to take out the President. Not oppose the president but to take out a duly elected president.

Can we say this for sure? No. But consider how sure everyone was of Clinton's win. Consider how many powerful people were ringing their hands at the prospect of becoming more powerful after a Clinton win. Consider how many careers were built on the idea that Obama then Clinton was a forgone conclusion. Consider the arrogance that such a widespread disposition created in official Washington (we certainly saw it first hand). Consider how the media had gone all in for Hillary Clinton. Then remember the shock of the Trump win. Then consider the shock of official Washington, cozy in their political relationships and without any real fear of being tossed into the wilderness, when Trump won. People obviously reacted badly. But how bad?

It would be extremely sad if there was a coordinated effort within official Washington to deny a duly elected president the White House. That would constitute a new low in American politics and we've seen plenty of lows.

One can only hope that this is Trump bluster. Seriously, we should all hope that. Because if it's not we may have a significantly different political game going forward.

(From The New York Post)
“If they go down the presidential harassment track, if they want go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that,” he said during a 36-minute Oval Office sitdown.
The commander-in-chief said he could declassify FISA warrant applications and other documents from Robert Mueller’s probe — and predicted the disclosure would expose the FBI, the Justice Department and the Clinton campaign as being in cahoots to set him up.
“I think that would help my campaign. If they want to play tough, I will do it. They will see how devastating those pages are.”

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