• Nick Sorrentino

Trump threatens to shut border entirely if wall not funded

Closing that line of trade would be unwise in the extreme and we can't see it actually happening. Likewise the Democrats are being unwise in taking a fully open boarders position which is influenced deeply by a Democratic Party that is based in many respects in California where many leaders have no problem with the influx of people across the southern US border. Indeed the careers of many of such leaders rest to a large degree on keeping the flow of illegal immigrants coming. This is the ugly reality of the situation.

Closing borders to trade is not smart, REALLY not smart, but neither are open borders if the US continues to have a large and expensive welfare state. As Ron Paul said recently, and correctly, end the drug war, reduce or eliminate the welfare incentives (and yes there are many ways illegal immigrants get welfare of various kinds) and many of our "problems" along the southern border are solved. But this a supreme challenge and the truth is many people in power like the drug war, like the welfare state, and like that these things incentivize people to come across the border.

(From The Hill)
President Trump on Friday threatened to "close the Southern Border entirely" if Democrats do not agree to provide money to "finish" building a wall on the Mexican border.
Trump made the threat in a series of tweets on the seventh day of a partial government shutdown that entered its seventh day on Friday with no end in sight.
The shutdown began on Saturday after Democrats rejected demands from Trump that $5 billion be included for the wall in a measure to keep the government open.