• Nick Sorrentino

Trump wasn't repudiated. Not such a bad night for him.

Daniel McCarthy in a new editorial at The New York Times puts yesterday's election in perspective. As McCarthy points out, last night was just another skirmish, perhaps a battle of some import, but not a turning point. There was no blue wave. Though the Democrats took the House they didn't do it in dramatic fashion. It's not like the country suddenly just turned its back on Trump. The Senate is now more Republican than it was. And 2 governorships in which the GOP candidates were closely associated with the president, in Ohio and Florida, went to Republicans.

Plus Beto lost.

(From The New York Times)
Yet Mr. Trump did something unusual by increasing turnout among his defenders as well as his opponents. Republicans felt that Mr. Trump had an agenda still worth fighting for, and they were heartened that on several key issues — perhaps most important, judicial appointments — the president had delivered what he promised. That helped to make Tuesday a good night for political engagement overall, and it kept Republican losses below what they would have been if Mr. Trump had simply been an unpopular and polarizing figure.
Mr. Trump made the election a real battle instead of a running retreat. He is indeed widely hated and feared, but he is also much loved as a champion of his voters — not only by those who are nationalists as the president is but by those, too, who are conventional Republicans who want lower taxes, fewer regulations and more conservative judges.

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