• Nick Sorrentino

Trump will sign spending bill to avoid shutdown but will likely declare border emergency

From a political perspective this is kind of genius. From a good for the country perspective, declaring emergencies from the White House and expanding government spending isn't so good.

Oh, and Pelosi warned that a Democrat president could declare a "gun emergency", we assume to try to confiscate guns. To that we say, "good luck".

(From The Daily Mail)
President Donald Trump will sign a bipartisan spending deal – but will declare a 'national emergency' in an effort to procure funds to build a border wall, the White House said Thursday.
The move drew both statements of relief from lawmakers who wanted to avoid another government shutdown – and a threat from Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the emergency declaration.
Pelosi called it an 'end-run around the will of the people,' speaking reporters minutes after news of Trump's position broke, while warning it could come back to bite Republicans.