• Nick Sorrentino

UK Army's secret plans to put troops on the streets to deal with 'No Deal' Brexit

Brexit has been a key part of the great western middle class pushback and it has remained an ongoing and deeply contentious issue in the UK on par with what we've experienced with the Trump election and presidency in this country. The United Kingdom, like the US, is split between the urban centers (generally anti-Brexit) and the rest of the country (generally pro-Brexit.) The cronies for the record are generally anti-Brexit. They want to stay hooked to (and further integrated into) Europe. George Soros has poured large sums into fighting Brexit for instance.

(From The Daily Mail)
The army has been drawing up secret plans to put troops on the streets to help with potential chaos in the wake of a no-deal Brexit.
Plans have been drawn up by the military for Operation Temperer, who usually help police on the streets in the threat of terrorism, in the event of a no-Brexit scenario.
Contingency plans involve how the military could help keep public order amid such as the delivery and stockpiling of medicines to hospitals across the country, according to The Times.

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