• Nick Sorrentino

Useful: How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel

We don't know about you but this is something that concerns us. We just got a classic case of the shudders thinking about it. You don't want to bring any new "pets" home with you after your next business trip. This might help.

(From Consumer Reports)
1.When you first enter a new hotel room, put your luggage on a luggage rack or in the bathroom—an unlikely place for bed bugs to hide—while you inspect the bedding and furniture.
2.Pull back the bed sheets and blankets and check the mattress and box-spring seams for bugs, especially at the head of the bed. Adults, nymphs, and eggs are visible to the naked eye. Also keep your eyes peeled for exoskeletons (casings that the bugs leave behind when they molt) and dark, rust-colored spots. You can also lift the mattress and check underneath, too, using a flashlight if possible. 

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Man, bed bugs are gross.