• Nick Sorrentino

Venezuela is rolling out a new ID card manufactured in China that tracks 'citizens'

Benito Urrea, a 76-year-old diabetic, told Reuters a state doctor recently denied him an insulin prescription and called him "right wing" because he hasn't enrolled.

We often ask whether our readers, whether most Americans (and beyond), are citizens or slaves? In China, its social credit scoring system is used to track and police it's 'citizens". And we mean on the street, day to day. Violate some Chinse protocol and your social credit score goes down and you can't buy a plane ticket, get into certain schools, or access other "privelages."

Now, as we predicted a couple of years ago the technology has jumped from China and infected another country. This time Venezuela. More countries will embrace this tech. Any odds on when we first see it in the USA (officially)?

(From The Business Insider)
The fatherland card, they argue, illustrates how China, through state-linked companies like ZTE, exports technological know-how that can help like-minded governments track, reward, and punish citizens.
The database, according to employees of the card system and screenshots of user data reviewed by Reuters, stores such details as birthdays, family information, employment and income, property owned, medical history, state benefits received, presence on social media, membership of a political party, and whether a person voted.
So far, the government's disclosure of ZTE's involvement in the fatherland project has been limited to a passing reference in a February 2017 press release that credited the company with helping to "fortify" the underlying database.

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