• Nick Sorrentino

Venezuela's health system collapses, Disease spreads over borders

It needs to be noted that before Venezuela went down the road of "Bolivarian revolution" it was a relatively wealthy country. It was crony capitalist of course, and that is a nasty scourge that permeates Latin America (the world) generally, but the country was not the open economic wound that it is now.

Socialism is born to fail. It is built upon the idea that prices can be manipulated for societal planning (crony) purposes. Socialism is an unsustainable human construct that denies reality fundamentally.

A good rule of thumb is; The bigger the government the bigger the ensuing collapse. It is only a matter of time.

Venezuela has run out of time.

(From The Washington Post)
That alert from Brazilian doctors near the Venezuelan frontier marked the start of an imported measles epidemic that is still ravaging the Brazilian Amazon. It was the first time in nearly two decades that the highly contagious virus had appeared in this tropical region, home to a growing number of Venezuelan migrants. The disease has also spread to Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
The economic and social crisis in Venezuela is increasingly spilling over its borders, with disease becoming the newest symbol of the disaster.

Fantastic. And in the end who is hurt the most in these socialist implosions? The poor.

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