• Nick Sorrentino

Venezuela's Rich Kids, Chavez the Socialist's Daughter Worth $4 Billion

This is the thing with socialism, the people who grab power via the government think that the wealth they amass is legitimate like wealth created in the private sector. It isn't. The private sector CREATES wealth. The government, to varying degrees, but particularly in "socialist" regimes TAKES the wealth created by the private sector. Often (pretty much all the time) this money, particularly in "socialist" countries, is taken for a few very connected politicians and their families.Such is certainly the case in Venezuela (and Cuba, and North Korea, and pretty much every socialist state to greater and lesser degrees.)

Socialism is government control over the means of production. It is also a system of theft whereby thieves operate under a cloak of legitimacy given them by government. It's not about justice, and if you believe that's what socialism is about then you don't know your history.

(From Zerohedge)
Maria Gabriella, the oldest daughter of former leader Hugo Chavez, is Venezuela's richest woman, according to the Daily Mail. She reportedly is worth some $4 billion, thanks to a fortune that has been secreted away in European bank accounts. The wealthy socialite earned her fortune while serving as Venezuela's first lady when her father was still alive.

But while Gabriella relies on diplomatic immunity (she is Venezuela's alternative ambassador to the UN), her younger sister Rosines Chavez fled the country for Paris more than two years ago after a photo of her flaunting dollar bills went viral, provoking widespread outrage. Now, the 21-year-old Rosines is enjoying the luxe life in Paris as a student at the Sorbonne.

It's a jack folks. Iran, which is an Islamic socialist society has millionaire party kids too (As we've reported.) And communist party controlled China. And North Korea. And Cuba. And Chicago.

We disagree with Truman on many if not most things. On this however he is dead on correct.