• Nick Sorrentino

Venezuela seeks to repatriate $550 million of gold from Britain

OK, and we wish them all the best in this effort. Why did the Bolivarian "revolutionaries" wait so long?

It's funny. In the end even the completely out there marxists want gold. Let that be a lesson to all of us.

(From Reuters)
The Bank of England has sought to clarify what Venezuela wants to do with the gold, one of the officials said.
Venezuela’s central bank did not respond to a request for comment. The Bank of England declined to comment.
The plan has been held up for nearly two months due to difficulty in obtaining insurance for the shipment, needed to move a large gold cargo, one of the officials said.

2 things.

If it's Venezuela's gold why should the Bank of England have any say in what Venezuela "wants to do with the gold"?

Also, We love that things are hung up on insurance issues.

Another reason one should hold one's own gold.

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