• Nick Sorrentino

Vermont man barred from building on his own land, Erects giant statue of middle finger in protest

Even though Vermont is now associated with Bernie Sanders and Ben and Jerry's the state is a rural mountain state. Which means there are still plenty of independent minded tough people who have winches on the front of their pickups up there.

In fact, my buddy from New Hampshire, who likes snowmobiles and killing as many deer as he can, used to tell me about the "rednecks" across the border in Vermont (I use the term "redneck" in the best possible way.) who were effectively being run out of the state by "Massholes" (urbanites looking for the country life away from Boston).

Well, it looks like one Vermonter has had about enough.

(From Reason)
"We've been trying to put a business there for the past 10 years," Pelkey told the Burlington Free Press. "It's just never-ending. They're railroading us really good," he added, explaining that his business is "a low-impact thing" with "such little traffic you'd wonder if we were open."
So why won't the town of Westford let Pelkey build the garage? Vice News reports:
The Westford Selectboard and Development Review Board had denied Pelkey's requests for the large garage, asserting that his applications did not meet the town's standards for a variety of reasons. Among them, Pelkey's application lacked necessary information about lighting that will "likely be needed for security purposes," and did not effectively describe the purpose of the building, officials said.

Ah, yes the zoning board. And can you imagine what dealing with a zoning board in a quaint Vermont town must be like?

Good on ya Mr. Pelkey.