• Nick Sorrentino

VIDEO: The old media and Trump do battle in press conference today

CNN is a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party in many respects. It threw completely in with Hillary Clinton during the election and it has taken it upon itself to essentially abandon journalism with regard to the president and propagandize at every opportunity. It's rather sad to watch.

I personally do not consider CNN a truly legitimate news source any longer. There was a time when it did great work. Now it's just the same old same old with reporters - reporters - seeking to pontificate and create news instead of report the news.

Trump's feet should be held to the fire. Every president's feet should be held to the fire. But, as we see in the attached video these people are just being disrespectful They think they are part of some grand "resistance" or something which is utter nonsense.

The goal was first to get rid of the president. Then it was to delegitimize the president. Then it was to "resist" the president. Now the tack appears to simply act a fool and to play to the narrow band of viewers who want this sort of grandstanding. What if FOX had pulled this during Obama's administration?

CNN is certainly not what it once was. It was always biased. It's just bothersome silliness far too much of the time now.

How are we supposed to take a network seriously with this kind of behavior?

Be reporters. Do your thing. But don't act the big shot. That's just annoying and if anything helps Trump. You guys just don't seem to get this.

Trump screws up plenty. Just like any president. But just because you hate this president doesn't mean that you have some special license. Is this to be the standard for news conferences now? Reporters refusing to wait their turn and to act with some decorum?

What if Hillary had become president and reporters had acted like this? There would be no end to cries of how reporters weren't treating her with the respect she deserved. We'd hear howls of "misogyny" and "male entitlement" and every other sociologist department conjured buzz word.

In this situation we agree with the president. CNN should be ashamed.

(From The New York Post)
“That’s enough. Put down the mike. I’ll tell you what, CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN. You’re a very rude person. The way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible. You shouldn’t treat people that way,” he said, referring to his spokeswoman, who frequently spars with reporters during press briefings...
Sanders could be seen laughing at the president’s verbal sparring with the press.Sanders could be seen laughing at the president’s verbal sparring with the press.

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