• Nick Sorrentino

VIDEO: Watch this - Cenk Uygur Declared 'Trump's Done' Hours Before Buzzfeed Story Debunked

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Cenk is very entertaining. He's smart guy but he thinks he's smarter than he actually is. His condescension mixed with enormous ideological blindspots sometimes comes together for very good stuff. His meltdown on election night 2016 is some of the best TV one will ever see. Not a joke. Even if you hate Trump it is still quite the spectacle.

Above is one of the key reasons many people give Trump the leeway they do. Even though it's fair to call Trump an ass. The rage. The unbridled hatred of Trump from the outset indicates to many reasonable people the degree to which many operators in the media will go to "nail" this president. A new generation left or center media think they can turn Trump into Nixon or worse. And they may. Perhaps a bombshell, a real bombshell, will come out and all the Trump hatred will be justified. That is entirely possible. Anything is possible.

But that Cenk took the bait from BuzzFeed, a news source that floated the dossier story which has been basically debunked (though some people still hold out hope), AGAIN just indicates the level of disconnect that exists with regard to Trump in many media circles. They want to get him so bad. They thought they might have him this time.

And then what? Mueller himself said the Coen story from yesterday was not true.

A reasonable person has to look at the situation and ask "How many times have the old media gotten it completely wrong at this point?"

Cenk knew better. But he just couldn't help himself. The lure was just too flashy. So he hit it. He'll be moving into Alex Jones territory if he keeps this up.

(From Information Liberation)
"They're not going to make up that they have federal government sources if they don't," Uygur said. "And why would those government sources put this out there if it isn't true?"