• Nick Sorrentino

Virginia Democrats Implode, Blackface Scandal, Sexual Assault Allegations

One of the things that was great about the Commonwealth of Virginia is that for the most part our politics weren't all that interesting. Virginia, now considered a toss up state at best in presidential elections was pretty solidly in the (southern) Republican camp. It was not a battleground. But that has changed. Both of our senators are Democrats.The governorship is in Dem hands. Virginia, thanks to an influx of government workers/contractors in Northern Virginia is more likely than not to go Democrat in presidential elections. Then consider in the Charlottesville factor and now this blackface scandal? Yikes.

(From The New York Post)
Virginia’s leadership crisis took an absurd turn Wednesday when the man who is second in line to become governor admitted he has worn blackface — even as Gov. Ralph Northam’s job is already on the line for the same thing and the man who is first in line to replace him is embroiled in a sex scandal.
The disastrous domino effect has now thrust the Republican state House speaker into the spotlight as the third in line for the top job — a man who only scored his post in a coin-toss election.
Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring on Wednesday issued a stunning statement admitting he wore brown makeup and a wig in 1980 to dress up as a black rapper when he was a University of Virginia student.

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