• Nick Sorrentino

Vive la France! The French "Deplorables" Revolt against taxes

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

"I spend between one and two months' wages on fuel,"

The truth is Davos Man, the folks like President Macron, Ms. Merkel, John Kerry, and their allies want to break the everyday person of their gas connection. This done they can then go after the oil and gas companies. That is the KEY driver (though not the only driver) in the "climate change" debate. Human caused global warming is likely happening, and it is now driven overwhelmingly by China, and to a lesser but significant extent India. US carbon emissions have been largely trending down for over a decade due to the efficiency of natural gas, which is abundant because of fracking. France, also has certainly been doing its part.

But Davos man, the folks who sit on stages looking very serious in front of other people who look at them while also looking very serious, while talking about poverty while wearing Chopard watches, is not satisfied with efficient and generally clean natural gas. Davos Man, at least much of Davos Man, wants to kill fossil fuels. Many of these folks see it as their duty to force this situation. The rabble, the deplorables around the world, need to to be corrected. They need to be put in their place. Their parochial attachments to land and liberty need to be crushed. The vast middle class that capitalism has created needs to be herded into cities totally where mass transit fueled by solar power will risk people around the hive from apartment to apartment. From cubicle to cubicle. Cities you see are where humanity, destructive humanity, should be concentrated.

In the cities people are easier to manage. Indeed the marxist socialists of the 20th Century talked of the “peasant problem”. That is the planners in the capital loathed the middle class and even poor people in the non urban centers who were attached to their property and their land. The socialists believed that everyone should be a part of the collective and as such there was no room for independence.

Who are you to say that you OWN the land? The land is to be collectivized and used for the “common good”. To the degree that you can produce food for the collective you can probably stay. But don’t go thinking that you are keeping any of the fruit (literally) of your labor. That sort of petty bourgeois mentality must be eradicated.

And eradicate it the socialists did. Both Stalin, and Mao (and others) killed the rural bourgeois mentality with extreme force. Millions and millions died in the name of solving “the peasant problem.”

Now we are certainly not equating President Macron with the likes of Stalin or Mao. He is certainly NOT of that camp. But he is absolutely part of Davos Man which shares sympathies with marxist collectivist philosophies, and punishing the hinterlands reflects an insular and urban centered disposition.

What we see here is Macron dismissing the concerns of French “flyover country.” The small towns and farms are not of the same value as the globalist nodes of power in Paris and the other big cities. Indeed those small towns and rural areas are really a burden in the eyes of Davos Man. Better to force the peasants into the cities over time. To “nudge” them into urbanism as the behavioral economists say.

(From France 24)
A 23-percent rise in the price of diesel in the past year was the last straw for many struggling families.
The government has linked the price surge to world oil prices but the "yellow vests" accuse Macron of punishing motorists while slashing taxes on business and the wealthy.
This is not the first time the French -- who pay more in taxes and social security contributions than any other EU country -- have rebelled against levies they see as unjust…
…In a TV interview last week he (Macron) admitted that he had "not succeeded in reconciling the French with their leaders" and vowed to give the provinces more of a say in policy-making.

How nice of him. Let the provincials have a say. God forbid that. Can’t they modify their cars and tractors to run on cake?