• Nick Sorrentino

We weren't meant to be packed into cities

One of the chief reasons the "progressive" left is (appears) so whacky is because it is largely city centered. - Humans are not meant to live in massive cities. We are not engineered to live that way. We are supposed to see the sun, and trees, and flowers. But many live in crowded urban landscapes where humans are pressed up next to one another and where human interaction is often seen as of little value. (Because so much of it is forced.) As such, many urbanites choose to outsource many of their responsibilities to government - at their (and our) psychological peril.

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Cities aren't all bad by any means. I love many. But when the rat nest mentality spills into the broader body politic we should discuss it. We shouldn't let a limited urban mentality (at least in my experience) spoil things for those of us who escaped (or never went to) the city.