• Nick Sorrentino

Which bits of the federal government are essential?

It always amazes us that some people seem so willing to let government grow and grow and grow. There are people who LIKE government. They LIKE the red tape and the bureaucracy. They think government should do all sorts of things that aren't essential.

Then there are people who understand that every dollar taken for the government is a dollar that is taken out of the private productive sector. Lavish government means a "lavish" tax bill. Lots of "nonessential" government makes no sense. It's a cost that taxpayers shouldn't have to shoulder.

Government should be as small as humanly possible. In a civilized society government should be a minor afterthought and rarely seen. The Post Office? OK. A passport office? We'll grant that. A patent office? We'll even grant you that one. But 90-95% of the rest of government? Well, let's just say that there is PLENTY to cut. In fact much of government can be automated at a fraction of the cost to taxpayers.

But bureaucrats vote a specific way generally and the Dems aren't about to give away that prize.

(From The Washington Examiner)
It is not without irony that one hears during a shutdown that "nonessential" workers will be furloughed. To which the obvious glib reply is, "Oh really? You mean not all the jobs done on the taxpayer dime are essential?" It makes you think.
Taxpayers shouldn't want government shutdowns to become the norm or a frequent habit. But once every five to 10 years, perhaps, they remind people that most federal functions aren't really that important.