• Nick Sorrentino

Why the FBI's counterintelligence probe of President Trump should be investigated

The truth is many people are perfectly willing to look the other way on what the Obama administration and the FBI and possibly other groups allegedly did in response to the American people electing Trump. They look the other way because these people hate Trump. For some people if the underpinnings of the Republic are eroded in the name of getting Orange Man so be it. He's that bad. "I just can't STAND him." And so on and so on. We all know the Trump Derangement Syndrome bit.

Many people all across the political spectrum have sold out their principles in the name of "getting" Trump. It has been a sad thing to watch. Trump's not all bad. Trump's not all good. He's just a president and a guy who disrupted a lot of careers in Washington DC.

(From Reason)
The political and bureaucratic motives mixed into this incident are reminiscent of the motives mixed into the decision to launch an investigation of Russia and the Trump campaign, the decision to rely on Christopher Steele's research despite his partisan funding, and the decision to interrogate national security adviser Michael Flynn in the slipperiest of fashions...they also offer a roadmap for how to abuse counterintelligence authority to serve partisan ends—a roadmap that more or less begins where the civil liberties protections of the 1970s end.

That's right. All those civil liberty protections, so what? Must... Get... Trump...