• Nick Sorrentino

Will tax refugees from CA, NJ, IL, and NY screw things up for the rest of the country?

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

We hope not. But too many people who come from these places forget why the places they left were so bad. Some do not see that big intrusive government is what is ruining their former homes. As such they often come to the freer parts of the USA and bring their high tax mentalities with them. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?

You are welcome to join us in the more sane parts of the country. Please come. But leave your high tax tendencies back in the states from which you've departed. Remember, there's a reason you left.

(From NBC New York)
More people moved out of New Jersey than any other state last year — and New York and Connecticut weren’t far behind, a new study found.
New Jersey topped the list of the “most moved from” states last year, followed by Illinois, United Van Lines’ National Movers Study found.

Shocker. People are abandoning ship while they still can. Let's see, stay in cold, high tax New Jersey or go to warm, low tax Florida or Texas? Doesn't seem like much of a choice to me. And taxes are only going to get worse in these places as government employee pensions pressure systems more and more each year.

In California this is certainly the case and there seems no hope at all of a turnaround on the hyper regulatory environment there. As such people are moving east.

Driving this shift in Americans’ state preferences is a cocktail of strict regulations on businesses and the dual blows of climbing real estate prices and a high income tax for individuals, according to Joel Kotkin, presidential fellow in urban futures at Chapman University ... On the other hand, Arizona’s low tax rates and looser regulatory environment position the state as an attractive alternative.

Make it hard for people to do business and for the middle class to pay its bills, and guess what? People are going to leave. Big government drains the life of an economy. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes quickly.

But always.

Cali, NY middle class people be like -