• Nick Sorrentino

Worldwide anti-tax protests began in France, Now spreading

Image: WSJ video screenshot

We do pay a lot of taxes and WE ARE FED UP. This fellow in Paris speaks not only for his countrymen but for the middle class around the world. The crony capitalists system enriches the connected to government while the middle class, the merchant class, the entrepreneurs, suffer the yoke of the crony system. The cronies throw crumbs to the peasantry which keeps the poor satiated and voting for an expanded crony system. Meanwhile the middle class is taxed and taxed and taxed. Meanwhile families struggle to pay their bills largely because the biggest bill of all, the bill for the crony capitalist welfare system (regular welfare and corporate welfare) always hangs over them. More and more is taken in France, in Britain, the USA, but there is no return for all this money sent to the capitals. No, the princes in Washington, Paris, London, and Brussels enjoy the spoils of the countries they saddle. We must keep sending our wealth. It can never end.

"How dare you complain. You are greedy. How dare you demand that you keep the money your earned? How dare you want to pay for you child's education? Only the crony capitalists get to do that. You, you, middle class deplorable, you must live in debt. You do not get to opt out. You say you don't WANT a large welfare state? Well that's too damn bad because you are going to pay for it. You know why? Because we the crony class get the government contracts, and the government subsidies, and the privilege. You, you, middle class deplorables are cash cows and we will milk you until you're dead. And we'll do the same to your children. (If you don't get wise.) You think this is YOUR country?