• Nick Sorrentino

WV Teachers Striking Over Law That Would Allow Charters and Vouchers for Special-Needs Students

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Special needs students are tough. Some have mental impairments. Some have physical impairments. Some have emotional impairments. Some students have all of these challenges.

Often these children live on the margins of society. For special needs students who are poor this can be particularly true. We believe that they, like every student should get the best shot that they can, and it only makes sense for these children and young adults to have access to charter schools and vouchers which may enable them greater opportunity for learning.

But the teachers unions are more concerned (it seems almost always) with keeping their monopoly over education than with what is best for students. This is sadly the case all over the United States. The teacher union monopolies need to be broken.

(From Reason)
Public schools in 54 out of 55 counties in West Virginia shut down today, in anticipation of a statewide strike by teachers. The reason? Legislation that would, among other things, create a voucher system that could be used by special-needs children to pay for private school and allow for as many as seven charter schools. Charters are publicly funded schools that operate with more autonomy (and less funding per pupil) than traditional public schools. West Virginia doesn't currently allow charters.

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