• Nick Sorrentino

York: What, precisely, do Democrats want to impeach Trump for?

That is a darn good question because to date and having followed the Trump administration drama tick by tick I don't see a reason for impeachment. Not liking him is not enough. That Trump makes you feel "uncomfortable" is not enough. That he beat Hillary Clinton is not enough.

But, but, there must be something out there, something we can pin on that mother...I mean Trump. There just MUST be.

Don't worry Dems, Mueller time is right around the corner - perhaps this time, again.

Trump's got lots of issues which we take him to task for here. We are frankly concerned about the direction of his "wall speech" later tonight. We are not keen on "states of emergency". We don't like his tariffs nor his recent pondering about playing with 0% interest rates. However impeach the guy? For what?

(From The Washington Examiner)
But on what grounds, specifically, do the pro-impeachment Democrats intend to remove the president? The new Sherman/Green resolution, and Green's and Cohen's resolutions from last year, are not exactly a comprehensive recounting of Trump's alleged offenses. Sherman's is based entirely on the president's firing of FBI Director James Comey and the Comey memos, while Green's articles seek to remove Trump for "sowing discord among the people of the United States" with his comments on Charlottesville, transgender troops, and Muslim immigration. (In an earlier version, Green also sought to impeach Trump for statements about Rep. Frederica Wilson and NFL players who do not stand for the national anthem.) Cohen's articles rehashed much of Sherman's obstruction allegation while adding a charge that Trump violated the Constitution's emoluments clause, plus articles seeking to remove Trump for tweeting about federal judges and calling some press organizations "fake news."
Judging by the articles currently on the table, Democrats will have to raise their impeachment game if they choose to go forward with an attempt to remove the president.

Raise their game? To say the least. Plus they can move to impeach all day long but the 2/3 of the Senate must vote to remove the president, which let's just say is unlikely in the extreme to happen. The impeachment talk is basically the congressional version of the Trump Derangement Syndrome all of us see online and in the media general. These people just happen to be in Congress.